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PAPYRUS - prevention of young suicide
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What is PAPYRUS?

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PAPYRUS is a UK charity committed to suicide prevention, focusing predominantly on the emotional well-being of children, teenagers and young adults. We offer the general public and professionals alike, the requisite resources and support to help prevent suicide and improve mental health in young people. While preventing youth suicide is our primary focus, our concern in preventing suicide encompasses all age groups.

The main aims of PAPYRUS are:

1. To promote an understanding of the unique contribution that parents, families and carers can make to suicide prevention by:

a. providing assistance to parents and others, in a caring or professional role, in supporting vulnerable young people.
b. being represented in policy making decisions at all levels and monitoring their implementation.
c. encouraging, initiating and taking part in the development of learning opportunities for all.
d. encouraging, taking part and/or initiating research into suicide prevention.
e. campaigning for adequate mental health services for young people, and an easily accessible route to such help on an informal basis.

2. To promote public awareness of the importance of emotional well-being and sound mental health by:

a. promoting awareness of the risk of mental or emotional distress during adolescence and throughout life, and helping to remove the stigma of such occurrences.
b. encouraging the promotion of emotional well-being and sound mental health, in all levels of education.
c. co-operating with professional and voluntary bodies working in the suicide prevention field.
d. encouraging and disseminating examples of good practice in suicide prevention.
e. encouraging the provision of appropriate support, either voluntary or professional, for those bereaved by suicide.

Our history:

PAPYRUS was founded in 1997 by a group of parents who had lost children through suicide. No longer just a parents group, our membership now includes, relatives, friends and professionals from the health and education sectors – including psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, teachers and carers concerned with youth suicide prevention – as well as members from voluntary and statutory organisations.

Our logo:

Our logo represents the papyrus flower. Since papyrus was used as an early 'writing paper’, it seemed to be an appropriate symbol for an organisation which encourages all forms of open communication. Significantly, the papyrus plant was used by the Egyptians to symbolise youth, joy and eternal life.

PAPYRUS' governing documents – the memorandum and articles of association – are held at our registered UK office:
Rossendale GH, Union Road, Rawtenstall. Lancs. BB4 6NE.
Copies are available on request.

Registered Charity No. 1070896. Company No. 3555482

e-mail our office or please call us on 01706 214449

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